Power Is Freedom is an independent energy consulting firm specializing in electricity procurement for commercial, residential, and industrial energy users.
We negotiate the best pricing and contract terms available based on your needs, Market Conditions, and Retail Energy Provider pricing Bids.We understand Energy Contracts can be hard to read, We analyze them making sure the contract you receive has the Best Price, Terms, and Options for you Business/Home.

Power Is Freedom will work hard to ensure Price Protection and Peace of Mind and we are not alone.
Did you know you can help lower Electricity costs? Consumers that Exercise their "Right To Choose" in the Deregulated energy markets actual help keep Retail Electricity Providers Pricing competitive. Let Power Is Freedom help you make the Right Choice and Help Drive Down Electricity costs.

Power Is Freedom will Exhausts Ever Option available to Deliver the Results You Need!
With all of the choices in Retail Electric Providers available our team will work hard to find "The Best Of The Best" and get you an energy contract that will benefit you. Lets face it, With the Rising Costs in every industry, Minimizing expenses in every area we can is vital to our success. Energy costs have tripled in the last 8 years. What are you doing to protect yourself? Get Started Now!

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